Luxury Stitch Markers

Welcome to my new product range of Luxury Sterling Silver Stitch Markers.

I decided to create these Stitch Marker sets after getting frustrated using cheap metal and plastic ones which didn’t always feel that nice to use.

I thought to myself one day, I love wearing silver jewellery, and since I love knitting with luxurious, high quality yarns and knitting needles, why don’t I treat myself to some nice Sterling Silver Stitch Markers?

After looking to buy some, I couldn’t quite find the style I was after, so I decided to create my own!

I initially made the Sterling Silver Stitch Markers for myself and loved using them so much that I decided to create a range of Stitch Marker sets for knitters.

They are made to last and are lovely to use and slide around the needle. They also make great, unique gifts for the knitter in your life!

All of the Stitch Marker sets are supplied in a round aluminium tin so that your Stitch Markers can be stored safely and the tin is small enough to easily be carried around in your project bag.

Below is the full range of stitch markers currently for sale with free shipping in the UK. More information can be found out about each design by clicking on the image which, will take you to my Etsy shop where they’re for sale.

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